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In 2013, Doncaster Pride started a 3 year project, funded The Big Lottery, to work with schools and agencies in Doncaster with the aim of improving life for LGBT+ young people across the town. They trained 390 staff in more than 60 schools, 170 staff in satutory and 3rd sector agencies, worked with more than 4000 young people, set up a youth group for LGBT+ young people and brought Doncaster to 14th place on Stonewall's Education Equality Index.


Growing from the success of that project, and the recognition from statutory authorities of the need for an LGBT focused organisation to continue to build on this work, Out Youth was created. Through us, this work can now be delivered further afield, supporting more and more LGBT+ young people.


If you are interested in bringing our work to your home town, or even if you would like to volunteer with us, just send us an email.

Read our feedback

"Excellent presentations with thought provoking debates/discussions."


"An extremely informative session. A good balance of relevant knowledge and practical examples."


"The practical tips and resource pack will ensure the school can feel confident that we are covering everything for our students."


" I have a greater understanding of the legal requirements of an inclusive school and common approaches to address issues and incorporate LGBT equality into the curriculum."


"Wide-ranging training covering a lot of the issues faced by LGBT students in schools. An Excellent trainer."


"Well facilitated - Pitched appropriately."


"Very good session. Much better than I thought. More informative than some training I've been on."


"This challenged my own preconceived perceptions."


"V. Gd - new information, ways of thinking. Specifically helpful for work with trans pupils."


"Although I had an awareness of some of the issues, this broadened my knowledge. Andy answered all of our questions and I will use this info/knowledge in my role working with young people."


"I have learned that there is far more to understand than simply gay + lesbian and found the subject quite fascinating."


"It has been an eye-opening day with informative workshops/debates!"


"Empowering, Enlightening & Motivational!"


"I attended wondering why the session was a whole day...now I know. SO much really useful information."


"We all know about the Autistic spectrum, why not the gender spectrum. Now we can fix that."

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